University of Exeter: FREE short course ‘Renewable Systems Integration’ University of Exeter and South West Institute of Technology

The free course, which is funded by the Department of Education, is available to anyone who works in the south west and will be taught in person at the University’s Penryn Campus over the following dates between 9am and 5pm:

Day 1 – 9th Feb

Day 2 – 16th Feb

Day 3 – 2nd Mar

Day 4 – 9th Mar

Day 5 – 16th Mar

Participants will be introduced to the principles of ‘systems thinking’ and how these principles relate to the UK energy system, particularly the electricity system. They will develop a deeper understanding of how UK energy systems operate, driven by the absolute requirements of physics, safety, reliability, affordability and resilience.

The course will link these high level requirements to the operational codes, commercial markets, market rules and the regulatory framework so as to demystify this complex landscape.

This increased understanding will help participants to navigate through processes and to recognise new opportunities both immediately and in the future as the systems evolve further to facilitate the nation’s decarbonisation journey.

Steve Mariadas, CEO of the South West Institute for Technology said: “I’m delighted to be partnering with the University of Exeter to deliver the only Institute of Technology renewable energy course in the country. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to upskill themselves or their workforce in this sector.”

Justin Hinshelwood, Associate Professor in Renewable Energy at the University of Exeter, added: “This is a unique opportunity for anyone employed in the South West to be taught by leading experts in the renewable energy sector. The course is available to people working across all sectors and will focus on the integration of renewables with energy systems and markets, as well as commercialisation opportunities.”

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