University of Exeter: High-profile event showcases pivotal role Environmental Intelligence plays on road to ‘net-zero’

The pioneering Joint Centre of Excellence in Environmental Intelligence (JCEEI) – a collaboration between the University of Exeter and the Met Office – will hold its celebrated annual conference on December 16/17th 2021.

The event will feature presentations from some of the world’s leading experts in the crucial field of Environmental Intelligence, including Professor Paul Monks, Chief Scientific Adviser for BEIS, who will deliver the conference’s keynote speech.

The conference, now in its second year, will be hosted the JCEEI Co-Directors, Kirstine Dale (Met Office) and Professor Gavin Shaddick, from the University of Exeter.

The online event, which will themed “’Beyond COP26: The Road to Net Zero’, will showcase the use of transformative technologies to support the UK’s Net Zero ambitions and explore opportunities to support the next generation of environmental and data scientists.

In addition to bringing together presentations from international leaders in the field, the conference will feature interactive sessions, including panel discussions, opportunities for Q&As and on-line poster sessions.

Professor Shaddick, who is also Chair in Data Science and Statistics at the University of Exeter, said: “We are very excited to be hosting the second annual EI conference. The potential for AI in helping us tackle environmental and climate change is enormous and the conference gives us a fantastic opportunity to bring together experts from across environmental science, AI, business and policy.

“Together, we will have the chance to showcase exciting research, and highlight the need for future research and innovation, to address the climate and biodiversity crises, and develop pathways to net zero across different sectors.”

Environmental Intelligence is an exciting new field of research that sits at the interface of environmental and sustainability research, data science, artificial intelligence and digital technologies. It provides the information that is crucial to enhancing our resilience to environmental change and ensuring that our future interactions with the natural environment are sustainable.

Research in the Joint Centre will focus on utilising the power of data to transform our understanding of a changing environment and find solutions to the challenges that this presents. It creates and supports a global community in the application of data science and artificial intelligence to a wide range of environmentally related issues and challenges.