University of Exeter: Learn Cornish in your own home as part of an exciting new online course

The Celtic language is currently enjoying a revival as there is greater understanding about the important part it plays in the Cornish identity, culture and heritage. Moving education online during the pandemic led to growing numbers of people overseas learning Cornish.

The University of Exeter course will introduce people participants to Cornish words, sounds and sentences. By the end of the course an eager learner will be able to engage in very simple dialogues and decode short simple Cornish texts.

Teacher Kensa Broadhurst will help learners to understand notices and place names, simple phrases about themselves or people they know, to conduct very short dialogues in a range of everyday situations, and to talk about themselves and people they know, and to write very short simple notes.

Kensa, a former school languages teacher who is now conducting research into the Cornish language, said: “We saw during the pandemic that increasing numbers of people from Australia and America – perhaps from the Cornish diaspora – and more people from the UK living outside the South West began learning Cornish because it was easier when courses moved online. This new course is another brilliant opportunity to learn Cornish at home.”

“It would be great if the course encourages more people to speak try using Cornish in pubs and shops, help people to understand the meaning of place names in Cornwall , and to wish people “good morning” in Cornish. It is important to encourage a wide interest in Cornish, I think it’s a valuable piece of our heritage which is worth preserving”

The weekly course is intended for complete beginners. They will develop some basic reading, listening, speaking and writing skills through practical exercises and group interaction.

Cornish is a South Western Brittonic language of the Celtic language family. It is a revived language, having declined as a first language in Cornwall in the late 18th century.

The online course for complete beginners will run for ten weeks, between October 4 and December 6 on Tuesday evenings.

Participants will need a PC, laptop or tablet with camera and microphone and stable internet connection. The course will be delivered via Zoom or Microsoft Teams

The course is open to all aged 18 or over and University of Exeter students, staff, alumni and members of the public aged 18 or over. No previous knowledge of the language required.