University of Greenwich: Levelling up at the University of Greenwich


Students coming to a new place might have worries about fitting in, understanding new ideas and course work, and whether everyone else knows more than they do. Most of these natural concerns disappear during the first term but sometimes a little help is needed.

LevelUp has been designed to help work through those early worries and concerns, so that all new students feel they are in the right place. It also helps new starters understand what is required so they can succeed in student life.

LevelUp has been designed to be easily accessed online and has been divided into a number of sections highlighting important areas that students have expressed concern over in the past.

The topics range from general student “survival tips” to how to write that first essay. Each section contains information and activities to help explain what being a student is all about.

Students can tackle the course in their own time, although some sections may be used by personal tutors as part of a study group. Working in a tutor or study group helps get a better sense of being part of a student body and helps to provide structure through cooperation.

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