University of Greenwich: State-of-the-art Greenwich Learning and Simulation Centre launches

The Greenwich Learning and Simulation Centre (GLASC) is situated in the School of Health Sciences at the Avery Hill and Medway campuses. The Centre is led by a team with wide ranging expertise in the technical and operational aspects of simulation, simulation-based education, simulation-based research, transformative simulation, the development and commercialisation of simulation tools, and the use of simulation for knowledge.

A full day of tours was hosted by staff from FEHHS and guests from organisations including NHS Trusts were shown the new facilities that will serve the over 2,000 learners currently studying on professional practice programmes.

The state-of-the-art facilities employ the latest technology, equipment, and flexible clinical and domestic spaces across a broad range of health-related contexts. Through a combination of realistic environments, virtual and mixed reality with lifelike manikins and video feedback, guests were shown how students can work through evolving scenarios to challenge and develop their practice.

The new facilities showcased included a critical care ward, an operating room, an immersive space with scenario projection onto three walls, a paediatric ward room, and a control and prep room.