University of Groningen: Green light for BSc Data Science & Society

As from September 2022, the University of Groningen/Campus Fryslân will offer the Bachelor’s degree programme in Data Science & Society. In this degree programme, students will learn how to responsibly collect, visualize, and interpret data in order to provide answers to societal questions.

Data-related challenges
Data plays a significant role in analysing and solving issues that affect society. The introduction of the CoronaCheck app is a recent example of this, but so too is the changing composition of the population and the impact this will have on the way we provide health care and on how we live. Data scientists investigate these kinds of issues and contribute to solutions by correctly collecting and interpreting data.

Tech and society
The Bachelor’s degree programme in Data Science & Society explores the theme of data from various perspectives Sudents will follow course units that focus on topics such as statistics, programming, artificial intelligence, big data, ethics, human rights, and governance. The degree programme therefore combines both the technical and the social aspects of data science. Students will apply their knowledge in projects with local, regional, national, and international organizations. Prospective students can participate in a Student for a Day on March 15 and April 21. The registration for the Data Science & Society degree programme closes on 1 May.

outstanding career prospects
Programme director Dr Oskar Gstrein: ‘The quality of decision-making improves when the ethical dimension is factored in from the outset, and that starts with data collection. Employers are also aware of this, which means that upon graduation data scientists have very good employment prospects. It is a relatively young field, but it won’t be long before it is just as well known as, say, the legal profession.’

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