University of Groningen : UG awards construction Cleanrooms for new Feringa Building to Kelvin Reinraumsysteme GmbH

The final lot in the tenders for the new Feringa Building has been awarded by the University of Groningen to German cleanroom builder Kelvin Reinraumsysteme GmbH. They are responsible for the realization of two cleanrooms on the ground floor of the Feringa Building. Kelvin RRS will soon join the existing construction team that further consists of Ballast Nedam, De Groot-Lammerink and Wesemann.

Cleanrooms for air-pure research

A clean room is an extremely pure research environment, where external influences – such as undesired air and dust particles – are excluded. In the Feringa Building, two such areas with ‘controlled environment’ will be located on the ground floor. In these rooms with very high air purity, the university conducts research in the areas of aerospace, nanotechnology, semiconductors and nanolithography, among others.

In Phase 1 (building section 5615) there will be about 500 m2 of cleanrooms. These will be used by the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials and the Stratingh Institute for Chemistry. In construction phase 2 (building section 5611), the SRON Institute for Space Research will have some 150 m2 of cleanroom space.

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