University of Manchester: Manchester students set to make a difference after graduation

The University of Manchester has celebrated two weeks of summer graduations, as students who have just completed their courses join our community of more than 500,000 alumni – one of the largest of any university in the world.

Our graduates have a real impact in countries across the globe, but nearly half of them remain in the north-west after completing their studies where they support everyday things valued by local communities such as healthcare, education, and protecting our natural environment.

To recognise these talented and dedicated individuals, The University of Manchester has filmed videos for social media highlighting the positive work that they hope to do after graduating.

The students featured in the Engineering graduation video include Inziengbe Inerhunwa, who has completed his PhD in Civil Engineering and said he chose his course after the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017. He wants his research to play a role in making sure that buildings are safer in the event of a fire, and he hopes to help ensure that such disasters are prevented in the future.

Chloe Lee – one of those featured in the Humanities graduation video – has completed her BSc in Environmental Management, and said she hopes to use her skills to give something back to society, the importance of which her mother instilled in her from a young age. She says she has always been passionate about the environment, and she wants to use her knowledge to help to make it more sustainable in the future.

The Biology, Medicine and Health video featured Natalie, who has graduated from her MSc in Audiology – she says that training new audiologists is extremely important as the field is massively understaffed. She said she enjoys seeing the faces of patients after she has fitted a hearing aid, as it is a simple thing which improves their life greatly.

Other recent graduates are featured in videos on the University’s website – these include Adam Mellor, who has recently become one of the 2,616 University alumni working in the region’s hospitals and NHS trusts. He has secured a role as a nurse at Stockport’s Stepping Hill Hospital where he works on a busy surgical assessment ward, and he hopes to provide outstanding healthcare to the people of Greater Manchester.

“The University has such an enormous impact – not just here in Manchester, but globally – and I knew I wanted to be a part of that from the moment I attended their induction day. I just fell in love with the university, the course, everything. The academics are some of the leading researchers across the whole world, and to be a part of that is just phenomenal.”

Another is teaching graduate Hannah Ruddock, who is set to join the thousands of graduate teachers currently working in primary and secondary schools across our local communities. Hannah, who will begin her journey as a history teacher at St Anthony’s school in Urmston this September, was inspired to pursue a career in education when the support of her teacher at a difficult time in her life made school bearable.

“Education had such a positive impact on me, so I want to inspire my students and support them in the same way so that education is a positive experience for them too. The University of Manchester has taught me to believe in myself, and to have more confidence. Without them, I wouldn’t be walking into my dream job. I can’t wait to be a part of the school and make a difference in the lives of the students I will be teaching.”

We are so proud of our graduates as they finish their studies and embark on their chosen careers. Our graduates go on to make a real difference to the everyday lives of people in our local communities and further afield across areas such as healthcare, education and engineering, helping to create a healthier, fairer and greener future for all.

Dr Julian Skyrme, Director of Social Responsibility