University of Mannheim: Schlossfest of the University of Mannheim will not take place in 2021 either

Traditionally at the beginning of the autumn /As in 2020, the castle festival taking place in the winter semester will not take place this year due to the corona pandemic and the associated planning uncertainty. Even if the vaccination campaign is picking up speed in Germany, it is unlikely that major events will be possible again in September. With an average of 15,000 visitors, the castle festival falls into this category. In addition, the lack of space due to the construction site situation in the castle would make it more difficult to implement possible hygiene requirements. “From an economic point of view, the university cannot afford to limit the number of visitors,” says Prof. Dr. Thomas Puhl, Rector of the University of Mannheim. The cultural workers who make a decisive contribution to the program also need planning security, says Betty Kübe, Managing Director of the University of Mannheim Service and Marketing GmbH and main organizer of the Castle Festival. It was therefore with a heavy heart that the decision was made to cancel this year’s castle festival as well.

Professor Dr. Thomas Puhl regrets the cancellation: “After the cancellation last year, this decision hurts even more. The castle festival is the big highlight in the university calendar and after a long time we all long to come back together and celebrate in person. But the health of everyone involved comes first. “

The cancellation of the Castle Festival 2021 is accompanied by the hope that the 17th edition of the cultural and scientific event will be held next autumn. “We are confident that we will open our doors again on September 10, 2022 and celebrate together with the Mannheimers at the Castle Festival,” said Puhl.