University of Mannheim: Virtual Exhibition “75 Years University of Mannheim”

In 2021, the University of Mannheim celebrated the 75th anniversary of its re-establishment. Founded in 1907, the commercial college was spun off to Heidelberg during the “Third Reich”. In 1946 it returned to the square city of Mannheim as a business school.

The Master’s students of the project seminar “University History” celebrated this anniversary with their lecturers Prof. Dr. Angela Borgstedt, Dr. Sandra Eichfelder and Prof. Dr. Philipp Gassert as an opportunity to deal with the history of his own university. In the spring-summer semester of 2020, they dealt with aspects of the university’s history that they had chosen themselves and had not previously been examined. This resulted in a virtual exhibition that offers previously unknown insights into the varied history of the university and is intended to encourage further research.

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