University of Minnesota: University of Minnesota joins internationally-recognized Principles for Responsible Investment

The University of Minnesota recently joined the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) organization as a signatory and reporting member. The PRI is a United Nations-sponsored entity that promotes the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities into institutional investment processes worldwide.

PRI members contribute to developing a more sustainable global financial system by implementing six principles of responsible investing and committing to public reporting of ESG investment activities.

While several U.S. universities are in the process of applying to PRI, only six others are current members. There are over 60 total signatories in the U.S. representing foundations, pension plans and insurance companies, including local organizations like the Minnesota State Board of Investments and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota.

“Joining PRI underscores our belief that the University’s investments should reflect our values related to stewardship for the planet, equity, diversity, inclusion and high standards of governance,” said Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations Myron Frans. “We are proud to be on the leading edge among our higher education peers and advance high ethical standards and stewardship in other organizations.”

The University’s investment program has prioritized these principles for several years, including its commitment to implementing processes and seeking investments that embrace the transition in energy resources, promote social change and recognize strong governance. Focusing on long-term growth, many University investments support renewable energy, innovative battery technology, sustainable agricultural processes, lifesaving medical solutions and better access to education.

“PRI membership enhances our ongoing efforts, provides greater transparency to investment reporting and bolsters our MPact 2025 strategic initiatives,” said Frans. “As a statewide system with engaged and passionate members of our community, the University is positioned to take thoughtful and innovative action that will contribute to a more sustainable Minnesota and beyond.”