University of Nottingham: Online sessions mark 10-year anniversary of the Centre for Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine

The Centre for Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine (CEVM) at the University of Nottingham is to host a series of online lectures.

The aim of the lectures, which are part of the CEVM’s 10-year anniversary celebrations, are to reflect broadly on the role of evidence-based veterinary medicine in clinical practice and research.

The CEVM, which is based at the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science at the University of Nottingham, is celebrating 10 years since its launch. The Centre opened to emphasise the importance of good quality research, focused on the right questions relevant to practitioners, and to assist veterinary professionals in using an evidence-based approach in veterinary care.

Since then the Centre has carried out numerous impactful projects, spanning species and disciplines, working closely with a variety of stakeholders and collaborators. A 10-year report summarising the work of the CEVM will be released to mark the occasion.

The two sessions will represent the close links between veterinary practice and veterinary research, with Dr Rachel Dean and team from VetPartners joining Dr Marnie Brennan from the CEVM to deliver the sessions. The online events will take place on Monday 13 December and Thursday 16 December at 7:30pm

The 10-year anniversary of the CEVM is a great time to reflect generally on where we are with evidence-based veterinary medicine within the veterinary profession. There have been some significant achievements by individuals and groups globally in harnessing this approach, not only within clinical settings but also within veterinary research. With the publication of the Evidence Manifesto in the Vet Record last year, it feels like the right time to be reflecting on the journey the profession has taken to date and how this could shape the future. I’m delighted that Rachel Dean and her team from VetPartners are joining us for this event. ”
Dr Marnie Brennan, co-founder and current Director of the CEVM, will lead the second session
Dr Rachel Dean, who co-founded the CEVM before joining VetPartners as Director of Clinical Research and Excellence in Practice, will lead the first presentation.

Dr Dean said: “We are partnering in the Evidence Sessions as it is critical that we bridge the gap between academic research and veterinary practice to make sure the evidence generated is useful to decision makers and can really impact care. It is important both groups work together to enable evidence-based practice to be a reality so we can progress care and improve outcomes for ourselves, our clients and the animals we treat.”

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