University of Reading: Climate stripes hit the road in bus partnership

A gas-powered bus emblazoned with a climate change visualisation created at the University of Reading has hit the streets of Reading.

One of Reading Buses’ natural-gas-powered vehicles has been kitted out in the climate stripes for Berkshire for 12 months. They are printed on vinyl that will be recycled after use.

A message will also be displayed inside the bus, stressing the importance of the stripes image and of partnerships to developing solutions to climate issues.

The bus will be used across different routes throughout this period, meaning everyone in Reading has a good chance of spotting it at some stage.

Robert Williams, CEO of Reading Buses, said: “We are delighted to partner with the University of Reading to help highlight climate change.

“By covering a bus powered by biomethane gas with the climate stripes, we are able to offer an extremely low-carbon reminder of the climate emergency, and remind people that using public transport is one of the easiest ways that they can help to cut emissions.

“We have worked with our suppliers to develop a new way to recycle the vinyl after it has been removed to keep the carbon impact of this project as low as possible.”

The bus partnership comes at the same time as Reading Football Club has launched its new home kit featuring the climate stripes on its sleeves.

It follows #ShowYourStripes Day 2022 in June, on which thousands helped start conversations about climate change by sharing the stripes on social media and in other innovative ways.