University of Reading: Security And Armed Conflict Experts Become Visiting Professors

Two leading law academics with expertise in security and armed conflict are joining the University of Reading Law School as visiting professors.

Professors James Kraska and Sean Watts have become Visiting Professors and will bring their extensive experience to boost the University of Reading’s collaborative work on international law, joining experts including Professor Michael Schmitt.

Professor James Kraska is the Chair of the Stockton Center for International Law at the United States Naval War College, a maritime security law scholar and a visiting professor at Harvard Law School. Professor Sean Watts is Director of the Lieber Institute at West Point and a law of armed conflict scholar.

Professor James Devenney, Head of the School of Law at the University of Reading said:

“It’s a great honour to have Professors James Kraska and Sean Watts join the School of Law in a visiting capacity. Each of them bring a wealth of experience and expertise in international law as the University of Reading continues to develop its strength and influence in a key area of the law.

“Our staff and students are helping to tackle some of the most important issues that our world faces, from the way that states and businesses respond to climate change, to the threats of cyberattacks on international security.”

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