University of Reading: Storms Dudley and Eunice will be ‘a nuisance or worse’

Dr Peter Inness, a meteorologist at the University of Reading, said:

“Storm Dudley is expected to pass across Scotland during Wednesday, bringing strong winds to central and southern Scotland and northern England. It will be followed rapidly by Storm Eunice later the same day and into Thursday, with more strong winds across the same regions.

“The Met Office gives names to storms when they generate at least Amber Warnings of severe weather, usually strong winds. The warnings are issued based on predictions of both the likelihood of severe weather and the impact of that weather. The more likely the severe weather and the higher the impact of that weather, the higher the level of the warning.

“The winds are likely to be strong enough to break branches from trees, which could down power lines, block roads and disrupt public transport. They might cause flying debris that could cause injuries and even damage buildings. The storms will almost certainly be a nuisance, but could prove to be worse than that.

“A strong jet-stream across the North Atlantic is currently generating a series of storms that will affect the UK over the next week. A Yellow warning of strong winds for Friday has already been issued so more stormy weather may be on the way.”

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