University of São Paulo and Uliving to offer housing grants to three public school students

The three students participating in the program “Come to USP!” Will be awarded the Bolsa Moradia Uliving. best placed in the Fuvest 2021 entrance exam, who have taken courses in the capital of São Paulo and express interest in the benefit.

“This is USP’s first experience to increase our student permanence policy. The direct association of these scholarships with public school students highlights the University’s effort to provide opportunities for these students to make a difference. We seek to form leaders who transform our society, ”said Vice President Antonio Carlos Hernandes.

Fellows will be entitled to 12 months of free stay – including rent, condominium, property tax and consumption expenses such as water, electricity and gas. The renewal of the benefit will depend on the academic performance in your undergraduate course.

“It is an unprecedented initiative that we signed with the University, offering housing so that the student can dedicate himself to his studies in an integral way. In this way, he is able to perform better and prepare better for the job market, in addition to having the opportunity to meet people from other states and other countries. It is a way of giving back to society part of what we have accomplished ”, explained Uliving co-founder and CEO, Juliano Faria Antunes.

For the superintendent of Social Assistance at USP, Gerson Yukio Tomanari, “this is one of the actions that shows the enormous capillarity of the program Come to USP !. This is a paradigm shift in the University’s student residence program, as it opens up new possibilities for students with socioeconomic needs ”.

Vice-rector Antonio Carlos Hernandes (left) and the coordinator of USP’s Partnership Development Office, Rudinei Toneto Junior – Photo: Cecília Bastos / USP Imagens
The apartments are individual and are located in Alameda Lorena (Uliving Jardins), Av. Duque de Caxias (Uliving 433) and Rua Maestro Cardim (Uliving Paulista).

Partnership in student residence
The signing of the partnership agreement between USP and Uliving Brasil took place on Monday, December 21, in an online meeting with representatives of the two institutions.

“This is our first experience involving the issue of student housing and it shows that we are advancing to give students increasingly better conditions of permanence. It is a different model, which reinforces the University’s search for new partnerships ”, explained the coordinator of the USP Partnership Development Office (DePar), Rudinei Toneto Junior.

The agreement signed between USP and Uliving lasts for five years and the annual value of the three grants donated by the company is estimated at R $ 90 thousand.

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