University of São Paulo: Artificial Intelligence in the industry streamlines and optimizes the search for immediate solutions and alternatives

Large companies and industries test Artificial Intelligence (AI) and remote sensing to improve the supply chain . The application of these technologies must optimize the path of products, from raw material to the final consumer.

Professor Paulo Miyagi, of Mechatronics Engineering at Escola Politécnica (Poli) and a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), explains that the supply chain is a network of suppliers of products and services for companies.

With Artificial Intelligence, which consists of a system that uses collected data and information to assist in decision making, companies can better explore their productivity potential. In adverse situations that affect the logistics chain and the supply of products, such as catastrophes and wars, technology streamlines and optimizes the search for immediate solutions and alternatives.

Miyagi says that degrees of confidence are included in the calculations, so all companies in the chain, even the smallest, should invest in these technologies. “It is not enough to show that it can or cannot provide, it has to show a history of loyalty and trust that it has with its partners”, she tells Jornal da USP in Ar 1st Edition .

The Brazilian scenario, according to the professor, is evolving, but has the potential to be much more developed. “There is a consumer market and there is a need to have product supply systems here as well”, he says. “We could be better and we have to invest more”, says Miyagi. “How we are going to do this is a discussion that has been the challenge of all governments.”

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