University of São Paulo: Book brings together stories and memories about the Independence of Brazil


Among the celebrations of the bicentennial of the Independence of Brazil, celebrated in 2022, the Editora da USP (Edusp), in co-edition with Publications BBM, from the Brasiliana Guita Library and José Mindlin (BBM), launches the work Dicionário da Independência – História, Memória and Historiography . The book features articles on various topics related to the separation of Brazil from its former metropolis, Portugal.

The publication consists of 735 entries, written by 274 experts from different institutions in Brazil and abroad. “ We call them entries because we call the work a ‘dictionary’. They contemplate not only the idea of ​​Independence, but also memory and studies on independence. Hence our subtitle”, explained João Paulo Pimenta, professor at the Department of History at the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences (FFLCH) at USP and one of the organizers of the work.

According to him, readers will find in the book critical and quality information and interpretations about the Brazil that has been built in these 200 years. “He inserts independence into more complex issues and shows the importance of the topic for understanding Brazil, our historical, political and social formation. It is a dictionary that is not only analytical, but fundamentally informative”.

“These are entries that deal with the history of independence, memory and historiography, in addition to the various aspects that cross this, such as music, theater, plastic arts, cinema, photography and texts”, added professor Cecília Helena de Salles Oliveira, from the Museum Paulista da USP and also organizer of the publication.

As in a dictionary, the texts are arranged in alphabetical order. In addition, in 1,040 pages, the production includes an indexing of the themes so that in each entry readers can find others related to the subject explored.

The idea for the publication was born at the end of 2018, influenced by the 3×22 project , by the Brasiliana Guita and José Mindlin Library (BBM) at USP, which seeks to reflect on the historic milestones of Independence and the Modernist Movement, as professors told Ciclo22 .

Despite the challenges in conceiving the work and contacting the writers to produce the texts, the teachers indicate that the material goes beyond a book on Independence. “It is a contribution that shows how fundamental the public university in Brazil is, how our students, often without a scholarship, dedicate themselves hard and go in search of files, documents, revisions. We are very happy with the final result”, said Cecília Helena.

“We have to publicly thank Plínio Martins Filho, who is our editor, the entire team of interns who have helped us over time, the editorial team of Biblioteca Brasiliana and Alexandre Sales, current director of BBM”, emphasized the teacher Cecília.

The release of the Dicionário da Independência will be at the USP Pensa Brasil event , between August 29 and September 2. Check the event schedule at this link .
Dictionary of the Independence of Brazil: History, Memory and Historiography
Organized by Cecília Helena S. Oliveira and João Paulo Pimenta
Launched: September 1, 2022, at 5 pm, at Sala Villa-Lobos
Biblioteca Brasiliana Guita and José Mindlin
Cidade Universitária, Butantã, São Paulo/SP

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