University of São Paulo: Depression research receives volunteers for treatment with magnetic stimulation

The USP Institute of Psychiatry is looking for volunteers aged between 18 and 65 who have been diagnosed with depression. Those interested in participating in the research will undergo brain resonance and receive free treatment through transcranial magnetic stimulation – a non-invasive technique that uses magnetic fields to stimulate small regions of the brain.

The treatment is face-to-face and requires the patient to go every day during treatment to Hospital das Clínicas, at Rua Dr. Ovídio Pires de Campos, 785, in the neighborhood of Cerqueira César, in São Paulo, to receive the stimulation sessions, which last approximately 10 minutes.

The research is an initiative of the Interdisciplinary Service in Neuromodulation and the group of doctors and researchers intends to verify the effectiveness of the method in the treatment of depression in adults, representing another therapeutic option for patients. There is already evidence of the benefits brought by repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation in patients with depression.

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