University of São Paulo: Edusp selects proposals for didactic works for undergraduate and graduate education

The University of São Paulo Publishing House (Edusp) launched a Public Notice to select books and textbooks produced by University professors to support the teaching of subjects in Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses, in any area of ​​knowledge.

“USP plays an important role in contributing to the quality of higher education in the country. This public notice encourages the production of academic quality titles to help professors in the classes of undergraduate and graduate courses, and with the potential to become teaching material for other Brazilian universities”, says dean Carlos Gilberto Carlotti Junior.

Interested professors must submit their proposals between June 1st and August 31st, by e-mail . The works will be evaluated by the Editorial Board of Edusp, considering academic merit and suitability for the Public Notice.

The proposal must include the complete and consolidated didactic content of the work and a justification of how it contributes to academic teaching, mentioning the courses in which it can be adopted and their differences in relation to the material currently available on the market.

There is no pre-defined number of proposals to be selected. According to the CEO of Edusp, Sergio Miceli Pessôa de Barros, “the Publisher intends to stimulate the production and dissemination of didactic works authored by USP professors, which may also serve the national market, as is the case with some texts already with several reprints in the current Academic Collection”.

The selected works will be published and marketed in digital or printed format by Edusp, which will be responsible for the graphic design, editorial production and printing of the titles.

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