University of São Paulo: Event discusses challenges in the performance of librarians in the face of open science

The role of the librarian in an increasingly complex and dynamic scenario, which involves access to information, diversity, ethics and sustainability, mediated by the use of technology, is the subject of the roundtable Open Universities and the role of librarians: challenges and opportunities , in the March 14th, starting at 10 am. The event will be held in celebration of Librarian’s Day and will be broadcast online through Aguia’s Youtube Channel . Applications are available at this link .

Organized by the USP Agency for Academic Information Management (Aguia), the objective of the meeting is to analyze the role of the librarian as a professional mediator who adds value and makes organized content essential for learning, research and innovation, offering opportunities for closer contact with culture while fighting disinformation.

In addition, the growth of open access to research results will also be discussed, considering that open science, study publications, methodologies, open, transparent and accessible data sets have helped to accelerate the production of new and necessary knowledge about the covid-19. In this new scenario, the idea is to share experiences and launch a renewed look at the role of the librarian and the university that society craves.

Participating in the event were Paulo Martins, director of the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences (FFLCH) at USP and president of Aguia; Elisabeth Adriana Dudziak, head of the Development and Innovation Management Division at the same institution; Sigrid K. Weiss Dutra, from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC); in addition to Luana Farias Sales, from the Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology (Ibict).

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