University of São Paulo: Fuvest 2021: approved in 2nd call in USP entrance exam can consult list

The University Foundation for the Vestibular (Fuvest), responsible for the entrance exam at USP, released the list of candidates summoned in the 2nd call in the Vestibular Contest 2021. The deadline for registering the 2nd call is from March 29 until 4 pm on the 30th March 2021.

Enrollment will take place in two mandatory virtual steps on the USP website , the first of which is filling out the registration form and submitting a recent photograph, a scanned copy of an official identity document, the certificate of completion of high school and school history or statement issued on letterhead and signed by the director or responsible person of the Educational Institution containing the information that the approved enrolled in the last year of high school in the year 2020.

On the occasion of the first stage of virtual enrollment, the summoned must choose between the modalities Satisfied enrollment [S] – enrollment in the course for which he was summoned, on condition of satisfaction -, Withdrawn awaiting new summons [D] – Do not enroll in the course for which he was summoned, but continue to compete in the subsequent calls for enrollment to the course options indicated at the time of registration – or Enrolled awaiting a new call [M] – enrollment in the course for which he was summoned, being able to compete in the subsequent calls for enrollment to the relocation to one of the other course options indicated at the time of registration.

The second virtual stage consists of confirmation of registration by the candidate. The two stages will be consolidated only after the documents have been validated by the Unified Registration Center of USP’s Pro-Rectory of Graduation.

Check the enrollment step by step below:
Affirmative Action Ticket Escola Pùblica EP

Admission via Wide AC Competition and Knowledge Competitions :

Ticket Affirmative Action Self-declared black, brown or indigenous PPI

According to Fuvest, if the candidate is unable to perform the virtual registration confirmation step in person, he / she may be represented by a legally constituted attorney, who must present virtually all the mentioned documentation, in addition to the updated identity document of the applicant. attorney-in-fact and original simple power-of-attorney signed by the candidate.

The list of the 3rd call will be released on April 5th and the virtual registration period will be from 8:00 am on April 5 until 4:00 pm on April 6, 2021. In turn, the expression of interest in the waiting list can be made between 8 am on April 5 until 4 pm on April 7, 2021.

For 2021, USP offers 11,147 vacancies in several undergraduate courses and, in addition to the 8,242 invited by the Fuvest entrance exam, another 2,905 vacancies are destined for the selection of students by the Unified Selection System (Sisu / Enem).

The start of classes is scheduled for April 12th.

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