University of São Paulo: Green runner promises to change the landscape of the Olympic lane

The area of ​​the Olympic lane wall, in Cidade Universitária, in São Paulo, will gain new contours. In addition to the windows that are already installed, a green corridor will be created along the entire length of the lane, which will occupy both the outer side of Marginal Pinheiros and the inner part of the lane.

For cities, green corridors are important means for climate balance, minimizing heat islands; for absorbing rainwater, improving drainage conditions; in addition to providing shelter for fauna and having a positive impact on a more pleasant urban landscape.

“For the Olympic lane, the green corridor will be multifunctional, with aesthetic functions, draining the slopes of the lane and minimizing acoustic and atmospheric pollution”, explains the mayor of the Capital Campus, Raquel Rolnik.

The dean of USP, Carlos Gilberto Carlotti Junior, considers that “the project meets the guidelines of the current dean management, as it will use the entire existing structure, carried out with the help of companies; it will increase the concept of environmental sustainability, as it will use native vegetation in a very intense way; in addition to being a project discussed with several professionals who know the subject. I would also like to thank everyone involved who participated since the beginning of this project”.

Currently, of the little more than two kilometers in length of the glass wall, 1,055 meters are completed, 597 meters are not yet completed, 240 meters have a concrete wall and aluminum columns installed; and 135 meters have only the concrete wall.

The project foresees that the windows installed will be maintained (today there are 800 glasses, which will receive film to avoid deaths of birds by shock); fences will be installed in places where there are gaps (glasses that have not been placed or are broken) and all will be covered by vegetation.

The project is still in the development phase. The Campus City Hall brought together researchers from USP – ecologists, botanists, landscapers, experts in pollution, among others – to jointly prepare the guidelines that resulted in a term of reference for hiring the company that will develop the corridor project. This semester, the public notice for the acquisition of the fences should be released.

The modification of the traditional wall began in 2018 and was carried out with the installation of glass panels. Budgeted at R$ 20 million, the project was an initiative of the State Government and the City Hall of São Paulo and was funded by more than 40 companies, without financially burdening the University. The project will resume, now under the management of the University, later this year.

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