University of São Paulo: In September, Cepeusp changes entrance access and opens registration for the 59th Volta da USP


The USP Sports Practice Center (Cepeusp) is acquiring, via bidding, new turnstiles and, as of September 1, the entry of former students, dependents and people from the external community will only be allowed through the central entrance.

At the beginning of September, registrations also open for another edition of the traditional Volta da USP . In its 59th edition, the race will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Cepeusp, and will take place on October 22nd. The 59th Volta da USP is intended only for the USP community (undergraduate and graduate students, USP employees and professors).

The race is divided into 10 km and 5 km categories, and a relaxed 5 km walk, on asphalt pavement, with inclines, slopes and flat terrain, with straights and curves of varying degrees. The starts will take place at 16:00 (5 km) and 16:15 (10 km) and the age groups are as follows: 5 km – from 14 years old and 10 km – from 16 years old, complete until the day of the event, respectively .

The 59th USP Tour will take place on October 22, starting in front of the Cepeusp Velodrome (Av. Prof. Mello Moraes, Cidade Universitária). Registration starts on September 5th and goes until 6:00 pm on September 30th, via online. Spaces limited to 1,500 participants.

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