University of São Paulo: Innovation platform enrolls USP doctoral students to give visibility to research and projects

The USP Innovation Agency (Auspin), responsible for managing USP’s innovation policy, is inviting doctoral students from the university to participate in the Survey of Researcher Competencies. The idea is for participants to be part of the USP Innovation Hub , a platform that aims to give visibility to the researchers’ specialties and areas of activity. Registration is done by filling out the form at this link .

The USP Innovation Hub facilitates the search and contact with experts for those looking to establish academic partnerships, innovation projects, practical application of knowledge, media interviews and other opportunities. The Hub ‘s purpose is to create a favorable environment for cooperation between the University and society, while strengthening research development, technology transfer and, consequently, innovation.

The survey’s target audience is also the University’s professors, including collaborators, seniors and visitors, as well as USP researchers who work in laboratories or research groups.

social visibility

Launched in April 2021, the Hub USP Inovação platform is focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. The proposal is to encourage partnerships with startups, companies and business communities by providing information on professors, patents, programs, laboratories and incubators spread across the 42 teaching and research units.

All this is separated by search areas for easy navigation: Initiatives, R&D&I, Competencies, Education, Companies and Patents. With a simple search on the platform, a company or institution can find projects and experts from all areas of the University.

The skills, technological services and equipment of each of the 5,300 professors that USP maintains are registered, in addition to the nearly 1,200 patents registered by the University.

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