University of São Paulo: New directors and deputy directors of three USP units take over

On Friday, December 3rd, the new directors and deputy directors of the Institute of Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences (IAG), the Oceanographic Institute (IO) and the Faculty of Dentistry were sworn in.

“The inauguration ceremonies are very important for the entire University, as they are a time for reflection. USP and its São Paulo co-sisters have the privilege of, every four years, replacing their directors, and this is an opportunity to re-discuss the paths, evaluate what has already been done and plan their future”, highlighted dean Vahan Agopyan.

The inauguration ceremonies were held in the University Council Room, with a limited number of guests, and broadcast on YouTube.

Institute of Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences

In the morning, Ricardo Ivan Ferreira da Trindade and Beatriz Leonor Silveira Barbuy officially took over as director and deputy director of the Institute of Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences. The directors took office in June.
Professor at the Department of Geophysics and deputy director in the last term, Ricardo Ivan Ferreira da Trindade recalled the history of the IAG, highlighted the Institute’s national and international role in teaching, research and extension activities, and spoke about the challenges of management.

“We have a reality of denial of science, of cutting funds. Our challenge for the coming years is huge. The dynamism that the IAG displays in its various areas of expertise is under threat. Key sectors of our administrative staff are depleted because of eight years without hiring, due to the financial problems faced by the University and, recently, because of the pandemic”, explained the new director.

Dean Vahan Agopyan recalled that, “on the other hand, the new leaders will find a more favorable moment. After 12 years, the University has regained financial security and, next year, there will be a greater transfer to the Units and we will be able to correct some distortions. Instruments you will have; competence, you already have. I am sure that the next four years of the IAG will be very promising.”

The video of the inauguration ceremony of the new directors of the Institute of Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences is available on the University Council Room Channel on YouTube.

Oceanographic Institute

In the afternoon, it was Paulo Yukio Gomes Sumida and Eduardo Siegle’s turn to take over as the new director and vice-director, respectively, of the Oceanographic Institute.
In her inaugural address, Sumida recalled that “the ocean is so important that the threat of climate change and the growing direct anthropogenic impact has led the United Nations to enact the period from 2021 to 2030 as the decade of ocean science for the sustainable development. This carries with us an immense responsibility since we are in charge of the largest oceanographic institution in Brazil, a country with an immense coast and an exclusive economic zone”.

The director also spoke a little about the structure of the Institute and the excellent research carried out by his community.

“The ocean is a heritage that Brazil does not know how to use. The coming years will be very challenging and stimulating years, but we are creative and capable of finding solutions to different problems. During the pandemic, we were able to respond quickly to society’s demands, but these responses require a large investment in long-term basic research. It’s up to us to explain this to society,” said dean Vahan Agopyan.

The video of the inauguration ceremony for the new officers of the Oceanographic Institute is available on the University Council Room Channel on YouTube.

Faculty of Dentistry

In the last ceremony of the day, the director of the Faculty of Dentistry, Giulio Gavini, and the vice-director Giuseppe Alexandre Romito were sworn in.
Director Giulio Gavini, in his inaugural speech, spoke about the Faculty’s constant search for excellence in teaching, research and, especially, in extension activities. He recalled that, amidst the covid-19 pandemic, FO managed to invest in infrastructure and equipment, preparing the unit for a safe return. “We are committed to preserving what has been achieved and achieved and to maintaining a plural, critical and reflective university environment, where decisions can be conducted through frank dialogue and with respect for the contradictory”, he stated.

“Giulio and Giuseppe are assuming a Unit of excellence, and it is more difficult to maintain excellence than to achieve it. This is an interesting time. After a very complex period, with two years of pandemic, we managed to maintain our activities and excellence in research and in the training of our students. However, now we have new challenges. If, on the one hand, you will not have to face the financial limitations that we had in recent administrations, you will have to deal with an increasingly denial and anti-science stance that dominates our country. We do not know the future of our federal development agencies, and this will require understanding and careful planning,” said Dean Vahan Agopyan.

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