University of São Paulo: Pandemic loses strength again in the state of São Paulo

Data from the most recent epidemiological week (March 20-26) show that the situation of the covid-19 pandemic in the State of São Paulo continues to improve, thanks to the advance of vaccination. All indicators continue to fall, compared to the previous epidemiological week: new cases (-4%), new hospitalizations (-22%) and deaths (-20%), as shown in the most recent USP-Covid Epidemiological Bulletin , released this Wednesday. Friday, March 30th.

Excluding the statistical effect of Carnival (which caused an artificial accumulation of notifications in the week following the holiday), it can be said that these indicators have been falling in the State since the beginning of February. More than 90% of the eligible population in the state is already fully vaccinated.

The São Paulo government fully revoked the mandatory use of masks in the state on March 17, but they remain mandatory indoors at USP, on the recommendation of the Rectory’s Health Advisory Commission. Due to the large circulation of students, teachers and staff, the use of masks in open environments is also recommended, whenever there is a concentration of people. Only vaccinated persons are allowed to attend campuses.

The USP-Covid Epidemiological Bulletin is published every Wednesday, based on data provided by the State government’s Scientific Committee.

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