University of São Paulo: Pandemic picture continues to improve in São Paulo

Data from the most recent epidemiological week (April 10-16) show that the situation of the covid-19 pandemic in the State of São Paulo continues to improve. All indicators continue to fall, compared to the previous week: new cases (-15%), new hospitalizations (-11%) and deaths (-37%). Excluding the statistical effect of Carnival, which led to an increase in cases and deaths reported in week 10, these indicators have been falling in the state since the beginning of February. The entire population over 5 years of age in the State has already received at least one dose of the vaccine and almost 93% have a complete vaccination schedule, including 49% of children up to 11 years old. Two-thirds of the adult population has already taken the booster dose. The average number of deaths from covid-19 this week was 20 deaths/day, the lowest since the beginning of the year in the state.

The numbers are detailed in this week’s USP -Covid Epidemiological Bulletin , which is based on official data compiled by the Scientific Committee that advises the state government in dealing with the pandemic.

Despite the improvement, the use of masks remains mandatory in public transport and in health services, by determination of the State, and in all closed environments at USP, on the recommendation of the Health Advisory Commission of the Rectory. The commission discussed the topic on April 13 and decided to maintain the requirement for the time being, as academic activities require students to remain close to each other for long periods in closed environments, which favors the transmission of the virus – the same logic that the State uses to maintain mandatory public transport, inside trains and buses. This rule will be re-evaluated in the coming weeks. It is also recommended to use masks in open environments, whenever there is a concentration of people. Only vaccinated persons are allowed to attend the University.

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