University of São Paulo: Professor Jacques Marcovitch is honored with the title of Professor Emeritus at USP

The former dean of USP and professor at the Faculty of Economics, Administration and Accounting (FEA), Jacques Marcovitch, was awarded the title of Professor Emeritus at the University. The award of the honor was approved by the University Council, in a session held on February 22.

The title of Professor Emeritus is awarded to retired professors who have distinguished themselves for teaching and research activities or who have made a notable contribution to the progress of the University. Since the foundation of USP, in 1934, 20 titles have been awarded to professors at the institution.

More recently, in March of last year, the Council granted the title to professors Antonio Candido de Mello e Souza, from the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences (FFLCH); Erney Felício Plessmann de Camargo, from the Institute of Biomedical Sciences (ICB); and Walter Colli, from the Institute of Chemistry (IQ).

“I am delighted with this appointment, because Professor Jacques Marcovitch is one of the most capable people I have encountered during my academic life at the University. It is a pride, as the dean of USP, to be able to meet this request from the FEA by putting this title on the agenda”, said dean Carlos Gilberto Carlotti Junior at the meeting.

The director of FEA, Fábio Frezatti, highlighted that “the University was born and grew due to people and very special people throughout its history, who brought relevant contributions to the nascent USP so that it could grow and assume its role in society. Recognizing and honoring these people is more than a necessity, it’s an obligation. They are references that bring us inspiration”.

academic leadership
Jacques Marcovitch, in addition to more than 50 years dedicated to teaching, research and extension activities, held leadership roles at the University. He has been director of the FEA, of which he is also Professor Emeritus, and of the Institute for Advanced Study (IEA), where he received the title of Honorary Professor. He was Dean of Culture and University Extension from 1993 to 1997 and Dean of the University from 1997 to 2001.

As the main director of USP, among other examples of good governance, he established the USP Code of Ethics and the Contingency Reserve, which has ensured the resilience of the institution’s finances. In other areas of public management, he exercised responsibilities as Secretary of State and CEO of large energy companies in the State of São Paulo. He is currently a senior professor at the Department of Administration at FEA and at the Institute of International Relations (IRI) at USP.

His research work is internationally recognized. The bibliography produced by him is focused especially on two lines of research: one dedicated to university management policies and the other to the direction of Business Strategies and Sustainability, both documented in works that were widely accepted in the academic environment and beyond.

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