University of São Paulo: Project Sustentarea celebrates 10 years with free event on sustainable food


The search for alternatives to build a more sustainable society has been a concern of science in the face of the negative environmental impacts caused by human beings. It is in this context that Sustentarea , the extension center of the Faculty of Public Health (FSP) at USP, seeks to bring some possibilities, by intertwining the determinations of science with the purpose of conscious consumption. To celebrate ten years of the project’s creation and discuss topics on healthy eating, a free event open to the public will be held from September 27th to 29th, with registration open until September 20th at this link .

Building Fair, Healthy and Sustainable Food Systems is the theme and central proposal of the commemorative meeting, which also dialogues with the principles of the initiative, related to food and planetary health. The event’s program includes culinary workshops, lectures and thematic tables, an agroecological fair with the presence of small farmers, as well as guided visits to the vegetable garden located at the USP Sports Practice Center (Cepeusp), on the Butantã campus, to the vegetable garden of the Faculty of Medicine at USP and also to the organic store of the Movimento Sem Terra (MST), Armazém do Campo.

By raising issues such as food sovereignty, hunger, inequality, excessive consumption and the struggle for land, this set of activities organized by the event offers the public a more critical and broader view of food.

“We want to promote a more sustainable, healthy and fair food system; connecting the population, the University and the public sector; help each other in building a better world”

Presentation of Sustentarea on the project website

During the event, there will also be the launch of the book Food Systems and Sustainable Food , whose authors, Aline Carvalho and Dirce Marchioni, are coordinators of Sustentarea.

The event can be seen in person, at the João Yunes Amphitheater, at FSP, Av. Dr. Arnaldo 715, in the central region of São Paulo, or remotely, through the live broadcast on the Sustentarea Youtube Channel . To participate in person, it is necessary to register at this link by September 20th.

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