University of São Paulo: Reading circle at USP presents Brazilian and international women’s literature


The USP Cultural Preservation Center (CPC) is holding the second Women’s Reading Meeting this Sunday, September 25, at 11 am . The meetings are a series of events, held on the last Sunday of the month, from August to November. The first took place on August 28, with the book Olhos d’água, by Conceição Evaristo, while this month’s meeting will be about the work A cachorra , by Pilar Quintana.

Launched in Brazil in 2020, the book is about motherhood. With the work as a highlight, Pilar participated in the International Literary Festival of Paraty , in the 2020 edition, as one of the main voices of contemporary Latin American literature. In publicizing the author’s participation, the organization of the event highlighted her personal trajectory. A forty-year-old mother, as the protagonist of A Cachorra would like to have been, she says that she wrote the entire novel on her cell phone, while breastfeeding her son.

The purpose of the reading meetings is to encourage contact with works by important authors of Brazilian and international literature to exchange ideas, experiences and perceptions. The titles chosen are current works, quick to read, which have in common that they are written by women and reflect the feminine universe. Participation is free, even for those who did not have the opportunity to read the book, but want to follow the conversation.

The next meetings will be held on October 30th, on the work A casa magic , by Stella Maris Rezende, and on November 27, on Citizenship of second class , by author Buchi Emecheta. The works bring themes such as intolerance, prejudice, racism, xenophobia and domestic violence.

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