University of São Paulo: Sponsors visit the New Ipiranga Museum

Governor Rodrigo Garcia, Mayor Ricardo Nunes and Dean Carlos Gilberto Carlotti Junior accompanied representatives of sponsoring companies and institutions on a visit to the works of the New Museum of Ipiranga. With the restoration of the Monument Building completed and the construction of the Expanding Building at an advanced stage, the Museum is getting ready for its reopening, scheduled for September 7th.

“Every successful university in the world has a strong partnership with the State and society, and USP is increasingly seeking this path. here at Museu Paulista, for example, this partnership was very successful, guaranteeing the obtaining of resources for the renovation and expansion of the Museum. The result of this work will be delivered to Brazilian society for the commemoration of the bicentennial of our Independence”, said Dean Carlos Gilberto Carlotti Junior.

Governor Rodrigo Garcia thanked all the sponsors who believed in the project for their support. “Even at the beginning of our term, we received a request from USP to support the restoration of the Ipiranga Museum. Since then, the state government has mobilized society to implement this project and now we are seeing the materialization of this dream”, said the governor.

After the visit, authorities and representatives of the sponsors met with the Management Committee of the New Museum of Ipiranga, in the Noble Hall of the Museum, to share updated data on the project.

Bicentennial of Independence
According to the Management Committee of the New Museum of Ipiranga, the works are proceeding according to the schedule and the opening is scheduled for September 7, 2022, the date of the bicentennial of Independence.

“This is the largest cultural project currently underway in Brazil and this would not have happened without the support of various sectors of society that believed in the project. This is the path we want for Brazil”, said the State Secretary for Culture and Creative Economy, Sérgio Sá Leitão, who recalled that the visit will take place on May 18, International Museum Day.

The restoration of the Monument Building was completed in April and the space is now being prepared to receive the 12 exhibitions that will mark the reopening of the Museum. The expansion works are 70% complete, with delivery expected at the end of August. Located in the basement, in front of the Monument Building, the Ampliação Building will house the new entrance, ticket office, auditorium for 200 people, educational space, café, shop and temporary exhibition room.

The mayor of São Paulo, Ricardo Nunes, made a point of informing that “on the part of the City Hall, the works to reactivate the fountain, the restoration of the French Garden and the recovery of the Ipiranga stream, in addition to improvements in lighting, paving, are already in progress. and surrounding landscaping”.

partners and sponsors
Closed since 2013, the Ipiranga Museum continued to be active with events, courses, lectures and workshops in various spaces in the city. The museum’s restoration, expansion and modernization works are financed through the Culture Incentive Law and has the following partners and sponsors: BNDES, Fundação Banco do Brasil, Vale, Bradesco, Caterpillar, Comgás, CSN, EDP, EMS, Itaú, Sabesp, Santander, Banco Safra, Honda, Raízen, Postos Ipiranga, Shell, Gerdau, Pinheiro Neto Advogados, Atlas Schindler, Novelis, B3, GHT, Nortel, Dimensional, Goldman Sachs, Rede D’Or and Too Seguros. The cost of the renovation is estimated at R$ 211 million.

The management of the Novo Museu do Ipiranga project is shared by the Museu do Ipiranga 2022 Steering Committee, the direction of the Museu Paulista and the USP Support Foundation (Fusp).