University of São Paulo: Theatrical practice is the subject of two roundtables this week

NoThis Wednesday and Thursday, the 17th and 18th, at 8 pm, the USP School of Communications and Arts (ECA) promotes two roundtables on practical research in performing arts, which will be broadcast on the ECA channel on Youtube. The event is organized by the ECA’s Center for Research in Scenic Experimentation of the Actor (Cepeca).
The first roundtable, on the 17th, is entitled Artist Educator . She will bring ideas coming from performing arts teachers who aim at the practical training of a scene artist . It will be composed by Professor Sumaya Mattar, from the Department of Fine Arts and the Graduate Program in Visual Arts at ECA, and Professor Marília Velardi, from the Department of Music and the Graduate Program in Performing Arts, also at ECA .

The second roundtable, on the 18th, has the theme Artist Educator . Here, the objective is to bring testimonies of artists from the scene who seek to share their experience for the development of other artists. Participants will be actor and researcher Renato Ferracini, associate coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Center for Theater Research (Lume) at the State University of Campinas (Unicamp), and actor and director Narciso Telles, who teaches Theater at the Federal University of Uberlândia (UFU).

Cepeca is a research group linked to the Department of Performing Arts (CAC) and coordinated by Professor Eduardo Tessari Coutinho. The group guides researchers in the field of Theater Interpretation, seeking to lead their studies to tangible results in scenes and shows. Cepeca also assists in the creation and presentation of theatrical shows resulting from the research developed by its participants.

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