University of São Paulo: USP appoints a working group to discuss institutional communication

Propose guidelines to expand institutional communication at the University of São Paulo. This will be the task of the working group appointed, this Friday, April 1st, by the rector Carlos Gilberto Carlotti Junior. The group, made up of members of USP’s Superintendence of Social Communication (SCS) and professionals with extensive experience in the communication sector, must submit a suggestion report within 90 days.

“Our discussions will revolve around the institutional communication tasks of a university organization the size of the University of São Paulo”, explains Professor Eugênio Bucci”, Superintendent of Social Communication at USP. “The working group will generate suggestions, as we are at a time to listen to those who know the subject and, in a calm and grounded way, build a proposal for USP.”

The working group will have the following composition:

• Eugênio Bucci, superintendent of SCS-USP, as president;
• Paulo Roberto Nassar de Oliveira, professor at the School of Communications and Arts at USP and president of the Brazilian Association of Business Journalism (Aberje);
• Adriana Neves Cruz, USP Press Officer;
• Andrew Greenlees, founding partner of FLAG Public Affairs;
• Gislaine Rossetti, director of Institutional Relations at Latam;
• João Rodarte, founder and former president of CDN Comunicação;
• Luiz Roberto Serrano, journalist at SCS-USP.

“We believe that it is essential to know practices adopted in the world of communication, whether in private companies or public entities. This knowledge will enrich our perspectives”, informs Bucci.

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