University of São Paulo: USP Chair supports continuing education for teachers in Ribeirão Preto


Mathematics learning is still a major bottleneck in Brazilian public schools. According to data from the QEdu Portal, in the 5th year of Elementary School, for example, only 47% of students have adequate learning in this matter. Ribeirão Preto is a little better, with a rate of 59%. However, according to Goal 3 of Todos Pela Educação, it should be at least 70%. To promote an improvement in this scenario, the Sérgio Henrique Ferreira Chair is supporting the Municipal Department of Education in continuing teacher training actions focused on mathematical literacy.

The activities, entitled Collective Teaching Work , began this month and will continue until November. These are face-to-face and online meetings lasting a total of 16 hours, aimed at 647 teachers from the 1st to the 5th year of Elementary School and 30 pedagogical coordinators. The objective is to promote theoretical-practical deepening from two central themes of mathematics: Quantities and measures and Geometry. The idea is that, from this training, professionals can expand their knowledge in a problematizing perspective, improve the teaching process and also understand how students learn, thus allowing them to appropriate different forms of teaching to ensure the development of high levels. of cognitive demand in students.

The content is developed by Grupo Mathema, specialized in advising educational institutions in the areas of teacher training and pedagogical resources to improve teaching. The activities also have the support of trainers from the Paulo Freire Educational Center, responsible for the continuing education of education professionals in the municipal education network of Ribeirão Preto.

“This initiative is of fundamental importance for the municipal network. Through previous assessments of elementary school students promoted by the SME, an increase in difficulties related to math skills and competences corresponding to the respective school years was found. In this sense, contemplating demands from the teaching staff of the municipal network, this work proposal was followed up, in gestation since 2021″, explains the head of the Pedagogical Management Division of the Municipal Secretary of Education of Ribeirão Preto, Celso Raphael de Padua Pacola.

According to the manager of continuing education at Grupo Mathema, Mirela Mendes, at the end of the first three training meetings, held on September 9, 13 and 14, 80% of the participating teachers highlighted that the training had already contributed to their performance in everyday school life. “They reported that the content brought many ways to approach the topic of Quantities and Measures in an accessible and meaningful way, in addition to encouraging the use of forgotten resources during the approach with students”, she says.

The initiative is part of a Chair project funded by B3 Social and in partnership with the Teaching Profession movement.

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