University of São Paulo: USP Collective for Democracy promotes open class with the presence of Lula and Haddad

The collective USP Pela Democracia , formed by professors, students and university employees, will promote on August 15, from 5 pm, the open class Public University and Democracy . The event will have the participation of candidates Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Fernando Haddad, who are running for the presidency and government of the State of São Paulo, respectively, in addition to academic personalities such as Marilena Chauí, Ermínia Maricato and Maria Victoria Benevides.

The meeting intends to express the group’s indignation at the violations of Brazilian democracy and to promote a debate on the role of the university in this context. “It is essential that the public university reaffirm its commitment to policies to combat social inequality and discrimination, in the defense of free and quality public education, as well as in the maintenance of programs for permanence and socio-ethnic and affirmative action. racial”, say the organizers of the event.

The open class will take place in the span of the History and Geography buildings, at the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences (FFLCH) of USP, in Cidade Universitária, a space that has historically hosted several demonstrations and student assemblies at the University.

“Our proposal is also to invite future governors to promote collaboration between the University and the government in the formation of public policies”, highlights Vera Bohomoletz Henriques, a professor at the USP Institute of Physics who participates in the collective.

Vera is leading a campaign that will soon be broadcast on the collective’s social networks, in which USP professors will present short videos about their research and that involve important topics that can contribute to the formation of public policies. The productions will bring researchers such as Paulo Artaxo (Environment), Maria Victoria Benevides (Rights), Leda Paulani (Economy), Paulo Capel (Health), Fábio Cohn (Information Technology), among other prominent names at the University.


With more than 100 members, the collective also prepared a document in defense of democracy, the Manifesto for Democracy , which has been collecting signatures from the USP community since the end of June. The document, entitled Democracy in Brazil is at risk. Enough, it has more than 600 signatures from personalities such as Marilena Chauí, Paulo Arantes, Ermínia Maricato, José de Souza Martins, João Adolfo Hansen, Olgária Matos, Fernando Novais, among others.

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