University of São Paulo: “USP-Covid Bulletin” provides weekly information and guidance on the pandemic

This week, Canal USP began publishing weekly interviews with members of the Rectory’s new Health Advisory Committee , with the aim of keeping the community informed about the situation of the pandemic in the State of São Paulo, in addition to answering questions and passing on recommendations. important information about covid-19.

The new program, called Boletim USP-Covid , will air every Monday at 6 pm, with the participation of an expert from the commission, addressing the most recent issues and events of the pandemic. The public will be able to participate by submitting their questions and suggestions through an online form, available here.

In the first episode , published on February 7, professors Aluisio Segurado and Anna Sara Levin, from the Faculty of Medicine at USP, spoke about the measures adopted by the University to deal with the pandemic in 2022 and how to protect itself from contamination by the virus.

Insured reinforced guidelines on the facilitated granting of time off work due to suspicion or diagnosis of covid-19, as detailed in an official statement from the Rectory, dated February 1 (click here to read the full statement). Anna Sara highlighted the importance of vaccination and the continued use of masks and the practice of social distancing — even among vaccinated people — and talked about the different tests for covid-19 currently available in pharmacies and laboratories.

The programs will be produced in line with a periodic epidemiological bulletin, which will be prepared by the Health Advisory Commission and distributed to the entire USP community, with updated information on the situation of the pandemic in the State of São Paulo and in the cities that house the University’s campuses.

The USP-Covid Bulletin is an initiative of the USP Rectory, produced by the University’s Superintendence of Social Communication (SCS).

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