University of São Paulo: USP offers free courses for people over 60 years old

In its 53rd edition, the USP 60+ Program has open enrollment for free activities in the first semester of 2022. Vacancies are offered for regular disciplines of USP undergraduate courses and complementary activities, which include courses, lectures, excursions, sports and educational and cultural activities, in the capital and on the countryside campuses – in Bauru, Lorena, Piracicaba, Pirassununga, Ribeirão Preto and São Carlos. Interested parties do not need to be linked to the University and must be over 60 years of age.

Created in 1994 by Professor Ecléa Bosi, the program, which completed 27 years of activities, is an initiative of the Dean of Culture and University Extension (PRCEU) at USP. As stated by Egidio Dórea, physician and program coordinator, engagement in activities represents a great opportunity for the public over 60 years of age. “Participation not only determines gains in knowledge, but also improves socialization, self-esteem, citizenship and quality of life”, he points out.

In addition, Dórea highlights that, even with the adaptation of the program due to the covid-19 pandemic, the return exceeded expectations: “In early 2020, we adapted to the requirements of social distance. We migrated to the digital platform and offered a series of other distance activities, with the aim of not leaving our students helpless. The return was above our expectations, not only for the number of activities offered, but above all for the participation of the 60+”.

Activities will resume in a hybrid system, in person and at a distance, obeying all safety rules. Among the courses available are Entrepreneurship and Business Models; Cultural Management and Production; Deep Sea Ecology; Mathematics Laboratory; Advertising Writing; and Audiovisual Production in Digital Communication (for some subjects there is a prerequisite, but for most nothing is required). There are also exclusive sports activities for the age group, such as stretching, circular dancing, adapted gymnastics, meditative techniques and physical conditioning. In addition, cultural activities will be offered with specialists from different areas, such as handicrafts, choir, guitar lessons and a memory workshop.

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