University of São Paulo: USP opens the International Intercultural Center with the launch of the Korea Corner

A ceremony that was attended by directors, researchers and representatives of consulates from different countries marked the inauguration of USP’s International Intercultural Center, yesterday afternoon, November 18th.
“Internationalization is essential for the training of our future professionals. Our students need to have the opportunity to meet, experience and prepare for the challenges of a globalized world. This International Intercultural Center offers a global environment in which our community can interact with other cultures and foreign ideas”, highlighted Dean Vahan Agopyan.

The president of the USP Agency for National and International Academic Cooperation (Aucani), Valmor Tricoli, explains that “the idea is for this to be a multicultural, multimodal space, a place to exchange experiences, disseminate information about exchange opportunities, learn about other cultures, practice languages. With this center, we hope to create a network of great international partnerships, not only in the scientific aspect, but also culturally”.

The opening ceremony had presentations of Brazilian and Korean music – Photo: Cecília Bastos/USP Images
Tricoli recalls that the Center’s location, right in the center of the University City and next to the USP Innovation Center (Inova), will also encourage interaction with researchers from the laboratories installed at Inova.

“The main objective of Aucani, and of all our actions, is to make the internal environment at USP increasingly international, with the reception and interaction of people from different cultures, stimulating interaction and partnerships”, he stated.

Korea Corner
Inaugurating the new International Intercultural Center, the Korea Corner was opened, a space dedicated to the dissemination of Korean culture and opportunities for partnerships and exchanges in Korea.

“USP is one of the best universities in Latin America and the talents produced here are working not only in Brazil, but in the world. It is very significant that the first cultural space dedicated to promoting and presenting Korea was created at USP’s International Intercultural Center, where these talents are gathered”, said the Consul General of the Republic of Korea in São Paulo, Insang Hwang.

The space is decorated with objects and books about tourism, cuisine, language and Korean culture – Photo: Cecília Bastos/Usp Imagem
Korea Corner is organized by the Korean Cultural Center in Brazil, with the financial support of the Korea Foundation, and intends to establish a connection between Brazilians and Korea, promoting events and courses offered, such as language, cooking, taekwondo and K- pop. The space is decorated with cultural objects and books about Korean language, literature, tourism and culture, as well as tablets with digital content.

“I consider this project very significant because it created a permanent space with the objective of introducing Korea to the best Brazilian global talents. We hope that Korea Corner will play a prominent role in the international exchange within the University of São Paulo”, says the director of the Korean Cultural Center, Wankuk Kim.

Dean Vahan Agopyan – Photo: Cecília Bastos/Usp Imagem
Like the Korea Corner, other countries should soon open their spaces such as Ireland, Israel, France, India, Germany and Italy. “In all, we will have 12 spaces from different countries here at the Center. Thus, we intend to create a multicultural environment with exhibitions, events, lectures, reading circles and other activities, developed in partnership with foreign consulates and universities to encourage interaction and promote opportunities”, explains the professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences and collaborator with the International Intercultural Center project, Laura Patrícia Zuntini de Izarra.

Foreigners Reception Office
In addition to the intercultural space, the Center also has an Academic Reception Office for Foreigners and National Institutions, which offers information on exchange procedures, documentation with the Federal Police and reception for delegations that annually visit the University.

“The reception of foreigners has always existed in the Units, but a more centralized action was lacking. With the new office, we hope to increase the visibility of our actions, make informative material available in English, improve synergy and the exchange of experiences with local international offices”, highlighted Tricoli.

The International Intercultural Center will also be a meeting place for the USP iFriends program and will offer informative workshops to guide exchange students and promote opportunities in Brazil and abroad.

Located at the International Diffusion Center (CDI) – Av. Lúcio Martins Rodrigues, 310, Bloco B, 1st floor, in Cidade Universitária, São Paulo – the International Intercultural Center is open from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 4 pm.

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