University of São Paulo: USP’s coronavirus test detects an omicron variant and has a result in 24 hours

The Center for Human Genome and Stem Cell Studies at USP (Genome) created a rapid test for detecting cases of covid-19 by saliva. Based on RT-LAMP technology, the Genome test is available to the public with options for collection at Genome’s headquarters in São Paulo, or sending a kit for self-collection at home. The cost of the test ranges from R$120 to R$170.

The test is recommended for people who have symptoms of covid-19 or have been in contact with infected people. People who are exposed to higher risk environments or with large circulation can also do it, in addition to those who seek diagnosis before traveling or working.

Low-cost and less cumbersome to collect, the test developed by Genome was perfected for the detection of new cases of covid-19 from saliva samples. Therefore, the test is more sensitive when performed within the first 10 days from the beginning of the infection or the date of possible contagion.

After the samples arrive at the laboratory, the result is sent by email within 24 hours. Appointments are always open on Fridays at 9 am and are available at this link .

To carry out the collection in person, it is necessary to schedule a visit to the Genome laboratory, which is located on the USP campus in the capital. On the scheduling page, you must select the Genome Collection option and follow the payment and receipt instructions.

After confirmation, just go to the Genome on the chosen date and time to collect the saliva and send it to our own laboratories.

It is also possible to request the kit to perform the procedure at home. In this case, just choose the Autocoleta Kit option , on the scheduling page, where you can choose the date and time of delivery. The kit will be sent by a courier, who will wait for collection.

The material is accompanied by instructions for collection. It is necessary to follow the determined steps and return the material to the delivery person, for sending the sample to the Genome.

Advantages and cost
Non-invasive, the Genome test does not require a healthcare professional to collect the samples. The group of researchers developed an effective solution to stabilize viral RNA, ensuring better test performance, with high sensitivity and specificity.

The collection carried out in the Genome laboratory costs R$ 120. Payment for the test can be made via transfer or bank deposit.

The self-collection kit costs R$ 170, with an additional cost of R$ 50 for shipping. If there is more than one test for the same address, the shipping fee will be charged only once.

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