University of São Paulo: Vestibular Fuvest 2023 will have heteroidentification commission as the main novelty


Fuvest (Fundação Universitária para o Vestibular) has applications for the 2023 Entrance Exam Contest open until 12 noon on the 23rd of September. There are 11,147 vacancies and 184 courses offered in 43 teaching units at USP. This year, some changes will be implemented in the admission system to the University of São Paulo. Gustavo Mônaco, professor at the USP Law School and executive director of Fuvest, discusses the changes and provides important information about the 2023 entrance exam.
According to the professor, one of the main novelties is the implementation of the heteroidentification commission. The initiative came from the Dean’s Office for Graduation and the Dean’s Office for Inclusion and Belonging and emerged with the aim of securing the vacancies of self-declared blacks and browns. “In the past, what we had was a series of circumstances where someone made a complaint that candidate A or candidate B had made their self-declaration, but that person would not belong to those groups. This led to the initiation of a process and sometimes more than one semester. Now all this will be done in advance during the period of enrollment at the University”, explains Monaco.

Another significant change was the filling of vacancies. In previous years, there was a separation between those intended for broad competition, public school students and self-declared blacks, pardos and indigenous (PPI). At Fuvest 2023, the dynamics will be different, there will be a single queue until all the vacancies of wide competition are filled. This means that if a person graduating from a public school or belonging to the PPI category has a grade that classifies them in the vacancies of wide competition, they will occupy that vacancy.

The teacher comments: “What was the minimum presence of students from public schools and PPI becomes something more numerous, because, if there are people in these categories who complete the possibility of occupying the vacancies of wide competition, they will be calls. Only when the vacancies run out will we make a separate queue and fill the exclusive vacancies for people from public schools and belonging to the PPI group. What was the ceiling now becomes the floor.”

2023 entrance exam information
The executive director mentioned the main dates and provided some figures for Fuvest 2023.

Registration began on August 15th and already has approximately 40,000 subscribers. They will continue until 12:00 pm on September 23, 2022. The entrance exam will disclose the test locations for the first phase on November 18, which will take place on December 4. On December 16, the list of those summoned for the second phase will be released, together with the locations for the second phase.

The second phase will take place on January 8th and 9th, 2023. After that, the tests are corrected and the results of the first call will be informed on January 30th. The following day, January 31, registration will be open and will continue until February 6. On February 10th, Fuvest will publish the second call and the enrollment period will be on February 13th and 14th. The third call will come out on February 17th and enrollment will take place on February 23rd and 24th.

specific skills
Some courses require proof of specific skills. The locations of these tests will be announced on December 16, 2022. The Performing Arts course tests will take place on January 11 and 14, respectively being a theoretical and a practical stage. The Visual Arts course also has these two stages, but they will be held in a single day, January 12th. The Music courses offered by the ECA (School of Communications and Arts) in São Paulo and by the FFCLRP (Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters) in Ribeirão Preto will have a test carried out through videos that must be posted online. online, between the 11th and 14th of January.

This year, no new courses or new vacancies will be offered. However, there will be an increase of 19 vacancies in Fuvest’s entrance exam because some units have reduced some vacancies that were from Sisu and passed back to Fuvest. Thus, 8,230 admission vacancies will be filled by Fuvest and 2,917 filled by Sisu.

The tests of the first phase will be held in the following cities in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo: São Paulo, Barueri, Carapicuíba, Guarulhos, Mogi das Cruzes, Osasco, Santo André, São Bernardo do Campo, São Caetano do Sul and Taboão da Serra. Also on the coast and inland of São Paulo: Araçatuba, Barretos, Bauru, Botucatu, Campinas, Fernandópolis, Franca, Jaú, Jundiaí, Limeira, Lorena, Marília, Piracicaba, Pirassununga, Presidente Prudente, Registro, Ribeirão Preto, Santos, São Carlos, São José do Rio Preto, São José dos Campos, Sorocaba and Taubaté.

All this information can be found in the Fuvest 2023 Candidate Handbook .

Director’s Advice
Gustavo Mônaco highlights that the candidate must be very attentive to the biosafety manual: “A little before the first phase and a little before the second phase, depending on the epidemiological situation at the moment, we will adopt the biosafety rules. So pay attention to this aspect to know the issue of masks, the issue of alcohol gel, etc.”.

The schedules and the route also demand attention. “The gate always closes at 1 pm, entry is not allowed after the gates have closed to ensure the equality of all candidates. We always advise: go to the test site of the first and second phases at least one day in advance to know the route. If you are taking the tests in a different city from the one you live in, make your journey as far in advance as possible so that there is no unforeseen event, such as a vehicle breakdown, traffic, an accident”, advises the professor.

Monaco points out that accessibility is fundamental and very thought out by the organization of the entrance exam. Candidates have a deadline to indicate their needs and, based on this information, measures are devised so that the test is carried out in the best possible condition. Some tests are printed in Braille and others in larger letters for candidates with some reading difficulties. There are also rooms for wheelchair users and people with mobility difficulties, in addition to the monitoring of a medical team for pregnant women’s entrance exams.

Another topic that deserves the attention of candidates is that the University of São Paulo requires the complete vaccination schedule for enrollment. Without this, the student cannot follow the classes. “So if, for some reason, you haven’t had your vaccine yet, start preparing. This will not be required to take the test, but if you pass, you will need to have your vaccination card filled out. There is still time for you to organize yourself so that this can be met and you have your enrollment guaranteed at the University”, indicates the professor.

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