University of São Paulo: Virtual exhibition exposes the possibilities of using art in science

Whether broadening the understanding of the world or developing the aesthetic sense, art and science combined are in diverse forms of communication. The exhibition Scientists Are Also Artists brings together a series of examples of the use of science in the arts and the use of art in the sciences. The initiative seeks to demonstrate how art can be a powerful tool for popularizing science and how science is capable of “designing” reality.

Accessible online, the exhibition highlights various visual formats in which science is the central theme. Among them, comics, comic strips, illustrations, paintings and even sculptures. The experience brings together productions by renowned artists, researchers and scientists, as well as the community linked to the Institute of Biomedical Sciences (ICB) at USP – responsible for the exhibition.

“Science is a process, just like evolution, in constant change, whose discoveries are accumulated over time, creating a framework that gets closer and closer to the explanation of reality, thus generating solutions and, often, questions. Discovering and disseminating this important aspect of science can be done through art”, describes the presentation of the virtual exhibition.

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