University of São Paulo: Women in climacteric can count on a guidance channel

The Gynecology at Hospital das Clínicas da USP launched the Menopausando website for climacteric women. In an interview with Jornal da USP in Ar 1st edition , Professor Isabel Cristina Esposito Sorpreso, from the Department of Gynecology at HC/FMUSP spoke about the importance of the project.

According to Isabel, “this was a project entitled Health Education for Women in the Transition to Menopause and Post-Menopause. It is a project supported by a public notice from the Dean of Graduation and the Santander Public Policy Program. This edict aimed to stimulate improvements for the population in the municipality of São Paulo and also in the State of São Paulo, and the pandemic came. The initial idea was for us to be talking about it again, with multi-professional guidance groups for women. So, the idea was to bring the group meetings, which are very important, health education with this theme.”

The teacher commented on the fact that many women go through this, but do not have the opportunity to know that others are going through the same symptoms. “In these groups they identify themselves, because they start talking, it’s their opportunity to talk about it, laugh and often say ‘wow, it’s not just me’; or identify herself, sometimes that woman has not yet identified that she is in this phase, ‘wow, I’m feeling it too’. So, the idea of ​​the website, in fact, is to bring information about this phase of a woman’s life, guidance on this phase.”

Self-care is essential. “It is essential that the woman has this perception, it is essential that she recognizes the symptoms, it is essential that she has a more positive image of this phase, exactly the recognition makes her have this power of self-care, it is an empowerment of this woman in this phase so that she can take care of herself”, attests Isabel, who adds that “the site aims to initially provide general guidelines for this phase, such as maintaining physical activities and good nutrition. So the first podcasts are being mentorship.”

The site is a channel for important exchanges between women and students and the University. The professor reports: “This site had all the idealization with undergraduate students, both from Medicine and from the Faculty of Public Health. We had scientific initiation with this site, from the logo, from the theme, color, a Google Forms was made with more than 400 women in the middle of a pandemic, look at the participation of women in their interest on the subject. It is all conceived by students and by women, who brought the desire to know about it, and this site continues to be fed by students, it is a way for these women to communicate with the University, but also with the students, to bring the student closer in this way. of communication.”

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