University of Sydney: Living well in the big city

The inaugural Garry and Susan Rothwell Chairs in Architectural Design Leadership, Anne Lacaton and Jean Philippe Vassal, will be visiting Sydney for the first time since their appointment in 2020. The visit will culminate with a public lecture on 28 July.
University of Sydney’s School of Architecture, Design and Planning will host the public lecture presented by Anne Lacaton and Jean Philippe Vassal, 2021 Pritzker Prize Laureates and the Rothwell Program Co-Chairs.

Committed educators, Lacaton and Vassal will work with students during their visit, conducting symposiums, Rothwell Studio and design workshops based around the theme of ‘Living well in the big city’.
Their nominated agenda, which integrates themes focused on what benefits the individual socially, ecologically and economically, and ultimately aids the evolution of a city, will be explored in a public lecture held at the Seymour Centre.
Living well in the big city is the most important challenge of our time and our generation.
Anne Lacaton, Rothwell Program Co-Chair
Anne Lacaton & Jean Philippe Vassal
“This issue involves many crucial topics and challenges, such as climate change, sustainability, energy savings, cost of the land, densification, affordability, integration, social equality and simply, quality of life. Any strategy for making the city starts from the quality of housing for all,” said Anne Lacaton.

Professor Robyn Dowling, Dean of the School of Architecture, Design and Planning says that the visit will accelerate the School’s thought leadership in architectural and urban professions:

“The Rothwell Chair allows University of Sydney architecture students to work with, and learn directly from, the best in the world. And by undertaking the Rothwell Studio with Lacaton and Vassal our students will be better equipped to design places that are socially and environmentally sustainable.”

Anne Lacaton and Jean Philippe Vassal established architecture studio Lacaton & Vassal in Paris in 1987 and have since demonstrated boldness through their design of new buildings and transformative projects. For over three decades, they have designed private and social housing, cultural and academic institutions, public space, and urban strategies.

The duo’s architecture reflects their advocacy of social justice and sustainability, by prioritising a generosity of space and freedom of use through economical and ecological strategies and materials.

The Garry and Susan Rothwell Chair initiative aims to; provide leadership in architectural and urban design innovation; foster research and research training; enhance the learning experience; and facilitate connections with the architectural profession both locally and internationally.

The Garry and Susan Rothwell Chair gift consists of a Rothwell Chair appointment, research appointments and an associated program of activities to elevate the standard of architectural and urbanism practice.

“We are very excited to be part of this opportunity for Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning students, and the extended public to hear these world famous Pritzker prize winning architects discuss the adaptive reuse of cities.” Said Garry and Susan Rothwell.

“This will be a truly great experience which we feel adds to the excellence in architecture experience provided by our wonderful school.”