University of Texas at Austin: UT Austin Ranked Best School in Texas and Highly Among Global Elite

The University of Texas at Austin ranks No. 43 in the world, according to the most recent global ranking from U.S. News & World Report. UT Austin is the No. 9 public U.S. university and No. 1 in Texas in the ranking.

Published annually, the U.S. News ranking of global universities includes 1,750 institutions from 90 countries around the world based on 13 factors relating to reputation, publication and citation volume, and scientific excellence. UT Austin’s performance was driven by its high reputation scores and research across top-performing subjects.

UT Austin is the only Texas university that ranks in the top 100 schools on the list. Texas A&M University ranked No. 140 globally, and Rice University ranked No. 167.

The U.S. News list includes rankings by academic subject, with four UT Austin areas placing in the top 25 in the world: No. 18 in mathematics, No. 23 in materials science, No. 24 in arts and humanities and No. 24 in geosciences.

Overall, 14 academic subjects at UT Austin rank among the top 50 in the world:

No. 18 in mathematics
No. 23 in materials science
No. 24 in arts and humanities
No. 24 in geosciences
No. 28 in condensed matter physics
No. 29 in physics
No. 30 in chemistry
No. 31 in space science
No. 33 in psychiatry and psychology
No. 35 in nanoscience and nanotechnology
No. 36 in electrical engineering
No. 41 in physical chemistry
No. 46 in social sciences and public health
No. 47 in energy and fuels
This is just one of several recent rankings that recognize the university’s academic and research strengths. The university ranked No. 38 among all U.S. universities in U.S. News & World Report’s latest undergraduate rankings. Earlier this year, the Times Higher Ed World University Rankings placed UT Austin No. 47 overall in the world and No. 7 among U.S. public universities.

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