University of the Western Cape: PEEP Programme rolls out in Botswana


The University of the Western Cape (UWC) is a research-led university responsive to the needs of a changing world through excellence in learning, teaching and research and the generation and application of new knowledge. On this note, UWC has made a conscious effort to go beyond its grounds and stretch out its arms in initiating and implementing it’s PEEP programme in Botswana.

The University of the Western Cape has a mission statement from the IOP (2021-2025), which is firmly anchored in its local and sub-regional context and inspired by its distinctive academic role in building a more equitable and dynamic society.

The University continues to empower its students, staff and partners to advance its mission of serving the greater public good and searching for humane and sustainable solutions to the challenges of our time. This is pursued through high academic standards, intellectual rigour, productive partnerships, and networks beyond disciplinary and geographic boundaries.

There are values underpinning UWC:
Academic excellence;
Engagement and responsiveness;
Integrity and accountability;
Collegiality and collaboration; and,
Inclusivity and diversity.
Thus, we note that these values have been actioned through programmes such as PEEP (Purpose, Equipping, Environment and People).

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