University of Tokyo: “Global Fellow” designation program to be started

The University of Tokyo has been considering a program that would allow faculty members of foreign universities residing overseas to participate remotely in educational and research activities as University faculty members while still in their foreign domiciles, a pioneering model for the post-coronavirus era.

As of April 1, 2021, the University will be able to award the designation “Global Fellow” to “faculty members or researchers affiliated with foreign universities or research institutions who have been commissioned to provide University organizations with advice, assistance, etc., on educational and research activities, who have a record of distinguished achievement and who are recognized as contributing to the University’s global educational and research activities.”

This “Global Fellow” designation program will enable the University to incorporate the world’s most advanced education/research from overseas and enhance its own education/research efforts without requiring faculty members/researchers to physically relocate. Among the specific activities Global Fellows will undertake are delivering lectures and granting credits, offering educational/research guidance to students, participating in research seminars, applying for KAKENHI and other research grants, and engaging in research activities. The University will be using this program as a means of bringing world-class faculty members and researchers together remotely (digitally) to pursue the world’s most advanced education/research.

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