University of Tübingen: Degree program combines radiation science with artificial intelligence

From the 2022/23 winter semester, the University of Tübingen will be offering the first profile area in Germany, “Artificial Intelligence in Medical Radiation Sciences”. In the Medical Radiation Sciences master’s degree, students are trained in both specialist areas of medical radiation science and in methods of artificial intelligence.

The teaching content includes research areas in the field of radiation therapy, non-invasive imaging and tumor and radiation biology as well as machine learning, computer vision or basics for a better understanding, for the analysis and visualization of scientific data.

Artificial intelligence methods are already being used in cancer treatment today, for example for evaluating complex data or making therapy decisions. The knowledge acquired in the master’s profile can be used, for example, to optimize imaging for radiation planning, to contour organs and tumors using deep learning methods, or to better control radiation treatments. In the future, graduates can also contribute to the further development of individualized diagnostics and therapy procedures using artificial intelligence, both in research and in industry.

Researchers from the Medical Faculty and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Tübingen and the University Hospital Tübingen as well as from Cyber ​​Valley teach in the profile area: Europe’s largest research consortium in the field of artificial intelligence connects partners from politics, science, business and society. The “ecosystem” in southwest Germany is continuously growing with more multidisciplinary initiatives, making the Stuttgart-Tübingen region a hotspot for research and innovation in the fields of machine learning, robotics and computer vision.

In addition, the Master’s profile is part of the AI ​​in Medicine initiative, in which the university, the medical faculty and the Max Planck Institutes, together with numerous other partners from Cyber ​​Valley, are promoting the use of artificial intelligence in medicine and the life sciences.

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