University of Tübingen: Empirical educational research at the University of Tübingen will be further strengthened

The Hector Foundation is significantly expanding its financial support for empirical educational research at the University of Tübingen: The foundation of the couple Dr. hc Hans-Werner Hector and Josephine Hector pledged 19 million euros for the next ten years as part of their commitment to the Hector Institute for Empirical Educational Research. With the further support, the international visibility of the institute is to be sustainably strengthened and its position as one of the leading German institutions for educational research to be secured. “Education is the most important resource that we can pass on to the next generation. The generous donation enables a new generation of scientific studies that help to understand and improve educational processes, ”said Professor Ulrich Trautwein,

The founding of the Hector Institute in 2014 was only possible thanks to the financial support of the Hector couple. At that time, the Hector Foundation had promised financial support of 7.5 million euros over ten years. “The excellent development of the University of Tübingen as a top address in educational research is due not least to the continuous development of the Hector Institute,” said Rector Professor Bernd Engler: “The institute recently received a brilliant review by an international expert committee passed and acquired a prestigious Humboldt Professorship with Professor Kou Murayama. I look forward to further development ”.

The Hector Institute at the University of Tübingen has grown enormously since it was founded. Scientific successes such as publications in specialist journals around the world have contributed to international visibility. Today around 80 scientists are working on researching and empirically verifying statements about the quality of educational offers and educational processes. The institute offers a bachelor’s and master’s degree in “Empirical Educational Research and Educational Psychology” as well as the advanced training course in “School Management and Leadership”.

However, the growth has also meant that the institute is now spread across several locations in Tübingen. “The Hector Institute is to have a new, prestigious location by 2024,” says Professor Bernd Engler, Rector of the University of Tübingen. The renovation of the old physiology building is already in full swing. The university also continues to provide the full basic funding and the infrastructure necessary to manage the institute.