University of Tübingen: Mathematics department receives teaching award from the University of Tübingen

The teaching award of the University of Tübingen this year goes to the Department of Mathematics for its new teaching-learning concept for digital exercise groups. On a specially developed platform, students of the natural sciences can discuss tasks and possible solutions that they have previously worked on on their own. The prize is endowed with 2,500 euros and is awarded annually for innovative teaching formats or special commitment in teaching.

The university awards the special prize for outstanding student engagement in 2021 to the “ sustainAbility ” doctoral candidate initiative . As part of this initiative, doctoral students carry out projects on the topic of sustainability. The prize, endowed with 300 euros, is also awarded annually.

Information on the teaching price
For students of mathematics and natural science courses, it is important to deal with mathematical concepts, proof methods and calculation techniques and to train them in practice units. So that this was also possible during the pandemic, Dr. Stefan Keppeler, Professor Hannah Markwig, Professor Thomas Markwig and Professor Roderich Tumulka developed a digital teaching-learning concept and the corresponding teaching-learning materials.

They created their own online platform on which students in small groups were given weekly assignments and could work on them themselves. In video conferences, they discussed possible solutions with exercise instructors and developed them live. The department also produced videos explaining possible solutions and support from student mentors. Exercise instructors received training on online teaching and a manual was drawn up.

With the new concept, the math exercises that are indispensable for the course could be continued digitally or supplemented with classic teaching formats. It will also be used in the future as a supplement to face-to-face studies or as a distance learning unit for students who cannot be on site.

The department intends to use the prize money to further develop the mentoring program for the exercises.